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Lifestyle Management for ``Bzzzy`` Moms

You’re busy…

Raising a child (or 3), keeping the romance alive in your marriage, maintaining a home, rocking your career, cooking all the meals, washing all the laundry, and managing it all!

Your life is FULL And you love it…But you’re also a little bit EXHAUSTED.

What you really want is to slow down, enjoy your family, and make time for the important things. You just can’t figure out how to do that without falling behind on that ever-looming to-do list.

That’s where we come in!

What Will Our Lifestyle Managers Do For You?

You focus on what’s important…and leave the rest to us!

Quality Time

We free you from your to-do’s so you can focus on uninterrupted family time.

Peace of Mind

We provide the mental and emotional space to process one of the biggest life transitions you’ll go through: motherhood!

Rest & Recovery

You can relax knowing we have everything covered while you adjust to your new normal.

A Breakdown of the Bzzzy Mom's Workload

Hrs/week at work on average

Hours a week on chores, childcare, & housekeeping

Hrs/week spend or less of alone with their partner

Percent feel like they are falling behind

Stats from Huffington Post

If we’re honest, 100% of us could use some support sometimes.
We know because we’ve been there.

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Don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let our satisfied clients share what the buzz is all about.

Queen Bee Concierge helped me during a really difficult time. I was raising my two children by myself while my husband was away for seven months. They came in and was like the filling for all the cracks in my life with their attention to detail.

Evie B.

Bzzzy Mom of 2 Little Ones
Queen Bee Concierge is an amazing professional service! They helped organize my toddlers closet and helped me sort through items he had outgrown I highly recommend them and will be calling them again!

Katy H.

Bzzzy Mom of 1 Toddler, with a Babee on the way!
Queen Bee Concierge is by far the best household management and assistance service on the planet! They came right in, did a thorough assessment of our needs and came up with structured plan for “restoring” our household into one of order!

Alison M.

Bzzzy Mom of 2 (A Teen & A Toddler)
Queen Bee Concierge is amazing! In addition to helping us with laundry and dishes, they helped reorganize all our cupboards and helped us order blackout curtains for our baby’s room!

Jacob G.

Bzzzy Dad of 1 Toddler