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It’s Mom Crush Monday!!!

Mom Crush Monday: COURTNEY GWYNN

court family

Courtney with her husband and oldest daughter.

There’s no better way to welcome back  Mom Crush Monday (#QBMCM) than by talking with #Bzzzymom Courtney Gwynn. She works at NewsChannel 8/ABC 7/WJLA as a producer for “Let’s Talk Live.” My #momcrush began when we connected after a few appearances on her show. Some of you know that in my former life, I was a news producer so I know pace she keeps up with on a day-to-day basis, but she does it with two babies (3-years-old and 4-months-old) and has been producing the show for 3 years!  The Howard University grad studied broadcast journalism, with a minor in fashion merchandising, but check out our profile pic and you’ll see this mamma’s style is major –#sheslays — and she’s just getting started. She says she would love to go back to school to study business and possibly become the producer for The Chew because she loves to find new recipes to cook for her family. We wanted find out what’s cookin’ with Court and how she manages motherhood with such style and that signature smile!



Tell me about your career/ business and the inspiration behind it:

The inspiration behind my career is Oprah. I remember in middle school writing a list of goals for myself in the future, and one goal was to become the next Oprah. I inspire to be like her, not only with her career path, but her determination and will to never give up.

Courtney 2

Courtney pictured with Debbie Allen during an appearance on “Let’s Talk Live”.

What advice do you have for moms with desires to follow their own passion/dreams?

The advice that I have for moms with desires to follow their own passion/dreams is that you never make mistakes, you just learn more. If you went down one path and that door closed, there is always another door open.

“You never make mistakes, you just learn more. If you went down one path and that door closed, there is always another door open.” – Courtney Gwynn

What advice/secrets can you share for managing your children, chores, and career?

The advice that I can give for managing my children, chores and career, is that things happen. It took me a while to realize this when trying to be a perfectionist; but things happen, nobody or ‘baby’ is perfect. For example, my toddler is adjusting to her new baby sister and I thought it was going to be an easy transition because for the most part she is easy-going. I was totally wrong – when the baby cries, she cries…when the baby gets attention, she wants attention. And so, I have to adjust myself to her and remind myself that ‘things happen.’ Also, some more advice that I can say is to have a schedule, but be flexible.

Courtney babies

Big sis and lil’ sis getting to know eachother better!

Do you ever feel conflict between work responsibilities and time spent at home? How do you resolve that conflict? 

I do feel conflict between work responsibilities and time at home. I resolved this issue by turning work on at 8 am, and turning it off at 4:30 pm. There used to be a time where I used to accept work phone calls at 2:00 am in the morning. That had to stop.

What role if any does having help play in being able to manage it all? Who helps you and how?

Help is a big factor in my life when managing my children. My mom, grandmother, grandfather, and brother all help out in different ways. I do not know where we would be without them. So, I do believe that phrase ‘it takes a village.’

Name 3 things on your To-Live List (a collection of wishes, dreams, and moments of joy you want to experience in your life. It’s not just a bucket list, but also a collection of things you’d love to do more often)? 

  1. Exercise more: With the kids, I do not have time to exercise as much. And my high school reunion is coming up, so I need to look my best.
  1. Travel more: When I was younger, I used to get up and go, now I think I am more hesitant because I am afraid to travel alone with my children.
  1. Move to a different state: I have been the Washington DC area for my whole life, and I would like to branch out a bit more to experience different things. I would also like to go to a place where it’s cheaper to live.

Why do you think it is important for moms to have me time? What do you like to do during your mom-me time? 

I think it is very important for moms to have ‘me’ time to unwind and relax. But, it’s funny when I do have ‘me’ time I am thinking about my children because they’re my buddies. I do get my nails and hair done, and go out with my girlfriends (to feel normal), when I get time for myself.

What is your go-to Mom Hack/resource/advice?

My go to mom hack is babycenter.com. I love the daily emails I get about my toddler and where she should be on the growth curb.

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what song would it be? (ie. what would you consider your theme song?)

I like hot warm weather, and beaches, like in south Florida, so I would sing Pitbull “Don’t Stop the Party”, because it reminds me of Miami.


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