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Mom Crush Monday: Danni Starr

#QBMCM: Danni Starr

Danni Starr headed back to her hometown of Minnesota only a few months ago feeling like she had lost her magic. She struggled with postpartum depression with both of her babies while being away from home and her support system, went through a divorce, and what she thought was the end of her radio career after being released from the Kane Show.  But still she held on to the feeling in her gut that told her that everything would be okay.

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“I have doubted every decision I have made in my entire life and this is the first time I am like, I don’t know what the f**k is going to happen, but I know it’s going to be fine,” she told me after her move. “For the first time in my life I was completely at peace with a decision.”

Her plan was to go back to school and get a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and Public Health with an emphasis on Mental Health. Her goal was to work with Mom’s who suffer from Postpartum Depression and anxiety as well as vets who struggle with PTSD, and people who have suffered cultural trauma.

“I’ve done radio for over a decade,” she said “but with the way the world shifted I felt the need to be extremely proactive.”

A known community activist, Danni has always considered herself a helper. She was literally standing at Standing Rock protesting when President Obama made the announcement to reroute the Dakota Pipeline. She has spoken on behalf of “Go Red for Women,” as a national face of awareness for the American Heart Association and was awarded the Office on Women’s Health Ambassador of the Year in 2016.




Courtesy: Danni Starr FB

I think my girls look at me and they see a warrior. I think they see somebody who is a survivor, an advocate, and an activist for people who can’t really fight for themselves,” she said. “I really want to lead by example with my girls.”

As the face of TLCme,  Starr was still required to film her segments in DC one day a week. She would fly into town in the morning and then board the plane that same night to get back to her 5 and 2 year old girls. Starr says sometimes that means “shit around the house doesn’t always get done”, but she does make sure that she makes time for the meaningful stuff. With her schedule, she says being a Pinterest mom isn’t realistic. She keeps it simple, swearing by the Wish app and Amazon Prime in a pinch, but she doesn’t worry about the little things.


She says now her peace of mind is what’s most important. Channeling her inner Beyoncé, this Mom has taken her lemons and turned them into Lemonade. Her willingness to openly share her journey combined with her advocacy made her stand-out candidate when WKYS-DC was looking to fill their new co-host spot on The Fam in The Morning. She officially starts tomorrow.

So, this past weekend she packed up and drove back to DC, wearing a unicorn costume, which can only mean that Ms. Starr has once again found her magic.


Courtesy: Danni Starr FB


“Every single time something bad has happened to me, like the postpartum, the divorce or losing my job;  I ask myself how am I going to survive…why did this happen to me, but then something magnificent always follows. It was almost like it was preparing me for something bigger.”

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