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Mom Crush Monday: Marcia Sheehan

Mom Crush Monday: Marcia Sheehan of Magnificuffs and Charmed Cardinals


Photo Credit: Manificuffs Facebook 

Not long after Marcia Sheehan started her first business Manificuffs, a fashion accessories line, she wasn’t really feeling like it was her calling. So, she found inspiration to change gears and start a business that really spoke to her, Charmed Cardinals, a women’s society that focuses on complete personal development through individualized spiritual work and group experiential workshops and a getaway for busy moms to focus on ourselves for little while. I’ve had the pleasure of attending her amazing intimate gatherings and the synergy and sisterhood that flows during a session is awesome. Her authenticity creates an environment where every woman feels welcome. And yes, the married mom of two is a cool as her profile picture suggest.

QB: What is the inspiration behind Charmed Cardinals ?

MS: After a couple years of building my first business, Magnificuffs, I got frustrated that all of my designated “me” time was business related (networking events, vendor shows, marketing). I started that company as a stay at home mom attempting to bring money into the household. Although I had a lot of social media growth there weren’t sales. It was sad, I was sad. I knew when I attended business networking events. I’d found my tribe but having a failing company discouraged me from attending events. I no longer wanted to push a product I didn’t believe people wanted. So I stopped going to networking events. Then I read a book that I received at one of the earlier networking event and parts of it *really* impacted me. The author talked about hosting her friends at her home and how she would take care of them. The seed for Charmed Cardinals was planted and through the business relationships I’d made I was able to grow it into what it is now!

QB: What makes charmed cardinals a unique experience for moms? 

MS: Twice a month moms are focusing solely on themselves. We provide a formatted personal development meeting that has practices that release pain from our pasts, honor our present blessings, and allows us to dream for the future. In addition to the personal development meetings we also have monthly experiential workshops. These workshops are instructed by local business owners that I’ve had the pleasure of working with or learning about through the 2.5 years of operating Magnificuffs.

QB: Is difficult juggling work and being an available mom?

MS: YES! The kids have always been my priority so Magnificuffs was always on the back burner. Had I been able to devote the amount of time and financial resources to the business, it may have been a success but that wasn’t where my heart was. I was fortunate enough to have an emotional breakdown in my mentors office and she had me do a very valuable practice prioritizing what was the most important thing in my life. So I wrote down a flow chart with different tiers and revisit it often. And although I say Magnificuffs wasn’t “successful”, the Charmed Cardinals would have never came about without it.

Marcia's family

QB: How have you changed since becoming a mom? 

MS: I’ve  learned to love myself. I began to respect my parents so much more for their struggle. My love and respect for my husband grew a hundred fold. I learned how to love others unconditionally and allow myself to be loved. I learned what humility is.
QB:  What advice do you have for moms with dreams of having their own business?

MS: DO IT!  Make your flow chart first though and build your business accordingly. Start small and be consistent and the growth will happen. And if growth doesn’t happen, switch gears and move in another direction. As my mentor told me a couple years ago, “Your business will grow as more time allows for it. If your priority is your stay at home children right now, your  business will not grow as fast as someone who doesn’t have children or has school aged children. You need to figure out what it is you are trying to do and have faith that you will be guided to do what is right. You will always have an opportunity to start a business, you will never have this time with your kids again.” That struck a cord with me. Also, there are hoards of women willing to help you out with their time and resources. There are also some that are skeezy opportunists so trust your gut.

QB: What is your favorite place to visit with your family? 

MS: We went to Glowgolf recently and all had a great time. The boys are 5 & 7 so they were really into it. Ryan and I are competitive so it was a lot of fun for all of us. Until I lost… JK!

QB: What is your go-to Mom Hack or resource?

My older sister Andrea is my homegirl. I guess that’s not very helpful though considering your readers dont have access to her. I believe every mom needs to have someone she can talk to openly that wont judge her and will help if she needs it. If you don’t know that mom, be that mom and you’ll find her soon enough.

QB: If a song played when you walked into the room, what would it be? 

MS: Imma kick it old school and say “These are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs. I recently added it to our Charmed Cardinals soundtrack that’s played at the personal development meetings and feel like it totally speaks to this chapter in my life and the society members lives. Yessss!

QB:  What do you like to do during your mom-me time and why do you think it is important for moms to have? 

MS: Ironically like I mentioned before, I still love working on my business. But it’s Charmed Cardinals, not Magnificuffs. Creating experiences for women (and myself) that will enrich them and also provide a cathartic outlet in terms of writing, dreaming and forgiveness feels like my life’s “work” so it’s what I do when I can do it! I totally attend every event, too. Not only am I the founder, I’m also a member.

If you don’t, you will lose your identity. You will be “mom”, not “Jenny” or “Jill” or whatever your name is.

Although staying with our kids around the clock grows     us as a mom it leaves other aspects of our personality in the dark. In order to grow as a woman and person you need to constantly experience new things while being surrounded by positive people.

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