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Mom Crush Monday: Riche Holmes Grant

Mom Crush Monday: Riche Holmes Grant


Riche Holmes Grant is a mompreneur, designer and lifestyle blogger who lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband, Cedric, and her toddler boss, Riley (age 3). She owns Innovative Study Techniques, a test prep, tutoring, admissions and admissions company that she started in 2003 shortly after graduating from law school. Ten years later, in 2013, she created the BambiniWare line of smart and stylish baby and mommy accessories based on her own experience with her daughter. She shares how she manages to make it all happen in this #QBMCM.


 Tell me about your career/ business and the inspiration behind it:
After giving birth to Riley in 2012, I found that there was no job more fulfilling than being a mom, but the smells, spills and thrills made the gig a bit less than glamorous. For nearly a year, I worked while Riley was asleep to develop the concept: functional and fashionable products that would complement—not cramp—my mommy style. During the day, Riley did her part too as expert product tester and model. BambiniWare™ made its “Grant” entrance into the world in 2013, on Riley’s 1st birthday, with a line of fresh, innovative products designed to make life with baby easier.
My goal has always been to design smart and stylish gear that makes sense, works well and looks great on the modern mom and baby.
Photo Credit: Bambiniware.com
What advice/secrets can you share for managing your children, chores, and career?

There are some days when I’m super productive and other days when I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done. There are some days when I’m able to go to sleep when I put Riley to bed and other days when I have to stay up and work to get caught up for the next day. It’s always going to be a work in progress. Outside of being a mom, I’m  a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and an individual. When the stars align, these things all fit together perfectly, but there are times when they just don’t and I’m okay with that too. I think the key is to be flexible. Know when it’s time to change so you don’t sacrifice your happiness—especially when the status quo is no longer working.

Do you ever feel conflict between work responsibilities and time spend at home? How do you resolve that conflict? 
I work really hard to limit my work hours to the time when Riley is at school. That way, she and my husband don’t miss out on my attention and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on my work when I’m with them.  This system keeps us happy and feeling connected, even if it means that I don’t always get to finish all of my work when I’d like to. My family comes first, always. 
Photo Courtesy: BambiniWare
What role if any does having help play in being able to manage it all? Who helps you and how?  

I learned early on not to be afraid to ask for help when I need it. I’m only able to do everything I do because I have great support system, which includes my husband, my parents and my sister. 

What advice do you have for  moms with desires to follow their own dreams ?
Create a vision board! Each December, I make a vision board of what I want the upcoming year to look like in various areas of my life. The only rule I have when I make my board is that I don’t put any limits on my goals. In a world where literally anything is possible, the only thing that can stop you from creating the life of your dreams is your own imagination. 
Vision Board
Picture Courtesy: BambiniWare
What is your favorite place to visit locally with your family? 
We love taking walks together in our neighborhood. Our favorite place to visit is the farmers’ market in downtown Silver Spring.

Picture: Silver Spring Farmer’s Market

What is your go-to Mom Hack or resource?
Cozi for family calendar management, Evernote for helping me battle mommy brain and Red Tricycle for all sharing all the cool happenings for kids and families in DC.
If you could sing one song on American Idol, what song would it be? (ie. what would you consider your theme song?)
“Closer” by Goapele. I fell in love with this song shortly before I had Riley, and true to the song’s lyrics, everything that’s happened in my life since then has moved me “closer to my dreams.”

What do you like to do during your mom- me time? Why do you think it is important for moms to have me time ? 
It’s so important for moms to have “me” time because we’re always taking care of everyone else’s needs, very often to the detriment of our own. One of the things I love doing is getting up a couple of hours earlier than my husband and daughter. It’s my time to meditate, drink a cup of tea and just relax before the day really starts. Lately, I’ve been enjoying experimenting with making homemade body products or catching up on my favorite shows during this time too!
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