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Mom Crush Monday

Mom Crush Monday: Kelley Sanabria


Photo Credit: Femworking

Kelley Sanabria is the fearless, fun, and fabulous leader of Femworking, a membership-based networking organization for motivated business women who are serious about launching or growing their businesses and brands. But simply put, it is much more like a tribe of women (including me) who just really want to see each other win.

While she is an amazing entrepreneur, my admiration for her comes from the fact that the married mom of two makes no apologies about the fact that her family comes first; only what you don’t know until you meet her is that Femworking is her family too. The level of care, trust and heart she puts into it all is what makes her my #QBMCM. For me as a mompreneur who is also growing a business while raising a baby means that she gets it: from the daily struggles to the lack of sleep. You can’t ask for anyone better than that to be in your corner. She shares her insight on how she does it:

Tell me about your  business and the inspiration behind it:
Femworking came from a super organic place of women conducting business with love – by giving and helping each other grow knowing that the law of reciprocity and karma would bring us back what we put in.
What advice/secrets can you share for managing your children, chores, and career?
You do you. You have to take care of yourself first; fill up your own up and then you can take care of others. Don’t judge other moms (ain’t nobody got time fa that) and don’t worry if others are judging you. Do what feels right and don’t worry about the rest. Some days being a full time mom feels right. Other days working on my business hard core feels right. Some days cleaning the kitchen feels right. I ask for help and support from those around me and try to run a tight ship so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. Motherhood and entrepreneurship have taught me the biggest life lessons, and I’m still learning all the time.
Do you ever feel conflict between work responsibilities and time spend at home? How do you resolve that conflict? 
Yep! All the time! The worst is feeling like I’m neglecting one thing or another. I just try to follow the advice above and not let guilt invade 🙂
Photo Credit: Kelley Sanabria 
What role if any does having help play in being able to manage it all? Who helps you and how?
My husband plays a huge role. I had to work hard to frame out my requests for him so that he could understand exactly what help I needed and how I wanted him to follow through. I explained how its in the best interest of our family for him to help me get the dining room and kitchen cleaned before bed, have nighttime routines for the kids, tidy their rooms before bed, pack lunches the night before – things like that. It’s important for me to feel like my household is in order, so I’ve asked for help with that. I have an amazing leadership coach that helped me discover and implement all of this and it has been a game changer for me!
What advice do you have for  moms with desires to follow their own dreams?
Do it and ditch the guilt. Be responsible, be honest with yourself, but to everything that might seem difficult there’s always a flip side. I remember at one point when my firstborn was little, feeling guilty about being an entrepreneur, and someone said, “are you crazy?! Imagine what a role model you’ll be for her!” It shifted my thinking and I’ve learned to try to view all of the tough situations of balancing work/family life from multiple angles. As working moms we have to be very kind, forgiving, and supportive of ourselves. If you believe in something never give up and find a community to support you (this might be Femworking, and yes, that was a shameless plug!) 😉
What is your favorite place to visit locally with your family? 
Ikea. OMG what a nerd! But seriously I love it. The oldest gets to play, the baby is in the stroller. It’s one of the few places I can actually have a conversation. I’m also a big fan of longs walks during the day at Lake Elkhorn and Centennial Park.
Caption: Lake Elkhorn Park
What is your go-to Mom Hack or resource?
 Meal planning. I’ve got to get groceries once a week and have a set of meals ready that we have ready (we list them in the wunderlist app). I can’t stand it being 6:00, everyone’s tired or hungry, and the dreaded, “what’s for dinner?” question pops up. Kids with low blood sugar an hour before bedtime equals no fun for anyone!
If you could sing one song on American Idol, what song would it be? (i.e. what would you consider your theme song?)
 I don’t feel like I have a theme song, but I love music. From “Jack and Diane” to “Jumpman” to Hands to Myself, I LOVE music. I also like old school stuff I can dance to (I dip, you dip, we dip!)
What do you like to do during your mom- me time? Why do you think it is important for moms to have “me” time ? 
Read, meditate, journal. Mom time is essential so that you can be a happier person, thus being a better mother (and a better CEO!)
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