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Queen Bee Concierge helps “bzzzy” moms tackle their to-do’s

Rashida McKenzie - Queen Bee ConciergeRashida McKenzie is on a mission to help moms stress less.

She is the founder of Queen Bee Concierge, a concierge company that provides lifestyle management services and personal  assistance for busy moms ranging from expectant to experienced.

Rashida realized the importance of having help first-hand during her 22-week stint on strict bed rest. Her husband and mom who both worked full-time were suddenly saddled with doing everything, and even though they didn’t mind, after the first few weeks she saw how much stress it was creating for everyone.

Refusing to let bed rest get the best of them, Rashida used her background in Operations Management and Logistics and did what she knew best . She assembled a “team” to help make sure things ran as smoothly as possible. The “team” ranged from a hair stylist to house keeper. She even enlisted her Grandmother in South Carolina to help make meals and ship them through the mail!

The system she set up successfully remained in place even after delivery during her daughter’s short NICU stay and when she had a tough time recuperating after being on bed rest so long.

Rashida knew that moms at all stages of motherhood could benefit from the this type of service, and so Queen Bee Concierge was born.

Our services are designed to cover you from baby bump to getting back into the swing of your busy lifestyle. Need help making your hive thrive ? Learn more about our services.