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Raspberry Leaf Infusion Tea

Tea has been used for centuries in postpartum care as a way to keep the body warm or bring heat into the body. The ingredients made up of herbs are steeped in water to unlock the minerals and vitamins. The properties found within can be used to help mom relax, help her lactate, and even energize her when she’s exhausted.

In honor of January being Hot Tea Month we will be spilling the tea every Tuesday on the best tea infusions for #postpartum recovery its benefits in #postpartumcare.

Today’s featured Tea is: Raspberry Leaf Tea (not be confused with regular raspberry tea)

This tea is a classic and often talked about for its benefits in pregnancy but drinking it postpartum can:

?strengthen and tone the wall of the uterus (and the entire female reproductive system)
decrease profuse bleeding after birth
?help relieve cramps
 enhance milk flow and quality

Here’s a simple recipe for a Raspberry Leaf Infusion Tea with a twist:

1 cup of dried raspberry leaves

2 cinnamon sticks (cinnamon can be beneficial for weight loss and detoxification)

To prepare: Place the dried herbs and other ingredients in a 1-quart mason jar and fill with four cups of boiling water and twist the cap tightly . Strain after 4 to 8 hours.

Tip: You can make these infusions before you go to bed so they’re ready the next morning. Refrigerate what you don’t drink or drink within the same day, hot or at room temperature.

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