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The Scoop on Postpartum Poop

One of my daughter’s favorite books is “Everybody Potties” ….

“Who goes tinkle and who goes poo…Mommy’s, Daddy’s and Grandma’s too!”

But what the book doesn’t tell you is that there is no time in her life that a mom will feel more fearful of pooping than during the postpartum period!

Once the baby is here, you would think the hard part was over, until you get home and have to do your first #2 (Gulp!).  It’s an issue that no one talks about and certainly one no one told me about! But before you panic, I’m going to give you the scoop on Postpartum Poop! (And how to make it less painful).

Even once things have evacuated it can feel a little sore down there. Be kind to your lady parts and follow these steps to soothe the aftermath:

  1. Use the Squeeze Bottle: A peri-botte is like having your own hand held personal bidet. Fill it with warm water and squeeze it everywhere down there or take a sitz bath to clean off.


  1. Don’t Touch the Toilet Paper: Use tucks pads to pat dry instead of toilet paper as toilet paper tends to leave a little debris behind. They are soaked with Witch Hazel and provide relief from burning and itching associated with hemmorhoids, but think of it as a fire estinguisher when things are — well, coming it hot!



  1. Spray the Pain Away: Dermoplast will become your best friend. Usually you are sent home with it or some version of it from the hospital. If they don’t you can find it here or any drug store.  It’s a benzocaine pain reliever spray that you can mist directly on your bottom and it provides almost instant relief. You can also spray it on your pad, it’s just a matter of personal preference. Simply put, it numbs those parts.  If you’ve had a tear it or struggling hemorrhoid rage, you can send flowers and candy to….kidding. But really, you’ll be so happy you had this knowledge.


  1. Make sure you have Mesh Undies: This is simply the icing on the cake and will make sure that you return to comfort after you’ve found relief.


If you’re looking for someone knowledgable to help guide you through the postpartum period, let’s talk! Schedule a complimentary consultation today.


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